Pakatan Rakyat lost the GE13

There are many who are angry, dissatisfied and even sad, heart broken by the results...probably intensified by the number of people apparently coming from other countries, voting in place of others, the indelible ink issue, the blackout at the poll station

Some were so disappointed that they were posting messages like leaving the country for good....I wish to tell my fellow friends that we should not give up for the good fight that we have fought. It was amazing to see how Malaysians, united for a common cause....

I cannot deny that the manner we lost was full of pain but the manner in which we fought for our rights were that should remind us of how alive democracy really is in our country. But perhaps a friend of mine was correct....Malaysia, as a whole is not matured enough. Look at the election results....Pakatan Rakyat hardly touch Sabah and Sarawak....we are seeing change but not enough. More needs to be done...

We all know that we are talking about going against corruption...but how many of us give "DUIT KOPI"? I'm guilty as hell even as I wrote this, but let us learn from here....that WE NEED TO BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE. 

I hope that many more Malaysians will learn the ugly truth....we are not mature enough as a democratic country, but we are progressing...we are learning....and what better ways to put it than this:

Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.

My fellow Malaysians, we may have lost the battle, but let us not forget the is a dark day, which is why I posted all black on my FB profile photos, together with many other Malaysians...but the hour is darkest before dawn. So, let us continue on from here....doing the necessary to help our country grow better, maturing in its own time....I am proud to be an Ipoh boy, most definitely proud to say I am a Perakian and a Malaysian. Why? Because this is where I'm from and I ain't leaving without a fight.