Rooney "angry and confused"

Rooney, on his way out?
Rooney was reported to be "angry and confused" over United treatment towards him. The player has been left unhappy with comments made by manager David Moyes.
The new United boss had said: "Overall, my thought on Wayne is that if for any reason we had an injury to Robin van Persie we are going to need him. I want as many options as possible."
The England international is not willing to be a mere squad player and the news is likely to alert Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho.
Rooney believes his future at United is “bleak” and, from the briefing provided on his behalf last night, it was evident that he is ready to end his nine-year association with the champions.
Mourinho has spoken about his interest in Rooney twice during Chelsea’s current Far East tour, most recently yesterday. He mischievously suggested England’s World Cup hopes would be damaged if their star striker was not a first choice selection, perceptively playing on the psychological torment the player’s advisors would later reveal in more detail. “If Wayne is a second choice for Man United, then the national team will be affected,” Mourinho said.

Chief executive Ed Woodward, meanwhile, said there were no plans to offer a new deal to Rooney, although at the time he was talking in broad terms about the whole squad rather than any individual.

Rooney has two years remaining on a deal believed to be worth more than £200,000 a week. Players of such stature and age are usually invited to extend their deals two years from their expiry date to preserve their value, but not necessarily as a matter of urgency.

By making it known that he is affronted by these remarks, Rooney is betraying deeper feelings of animosity against the club which were demonstrated by the reaction to Sir Alex Ferguson’s end-of-season statements. Ferguson left Rooney out of United’s final fixture claiming he had asked to leave, a suggestion the player denied.

Rooney left the United summer tour after 24 hours because of a hamstring injury which could rule him out of the start of the season. Most will interpret the latest developments as Rooney’s means of ensuring he never plays for the club again. Guess all of these will remain rumors until the season start.