Ronaldo denies Jose celeb

Well, what happened if your former coach said something that suggest you are not of the original? That's what happen when Mourinho talked about the Brazilian Ronaldo as the original one, something that suggest Ronaldo as a fake one or the other one. 

Mourinho should know this would come....since Chelsea took on Real Madrid not long after that remark...the outcome: Ronaldo scored two against Chelsea which helped Madrid won 3-1 against Chelsea.

Well, it seems Cristiano subscribes to the "don't get mad, get even" credo because in the 31st minute of the match, he pinged a free kick off the bottom of the crossbar to put Real Madrid up 2-1 on their ex-coach. That signature free kick is one that remind us of his talent and his contribution of goals during Mourinho's time as Real's coach. 

Ronaldo celebration after scoring against Chelsea

Ronaldo then cockily turned in Mourinho's direction and pointed to himself as if to say, "checkmate, dingus." Of course, Ronaldo denies any such celebration was Mourinho motivated. The press were also convinced that Ronaldo had celebrated his first goal -- a superb 20-yard free-kick -- by making a gesture towards Mourinho on the sideline.

However, the Portugal international denied both this and that he had snubbed his former boss after the game, adding that he was above such petty behaviour.

“I looked at the bench of my own team, at my team-mates [after scoring],” he said. “I did not acknowledge Mourinho [afterwards] because I did not see him, but I was with all the Chelsea technical staff. I do not hold a grudge. That is for losers.”