Nokia Lumia 1520 is in Malaysia

Well, I know I haven't been blogging much about connect while on the go. The main problem is not having enough time. It's just plain lazy with a lot of other excuses. 

Anyway, I couldn't help but to keep myself blogging about the latest device from Nokia....Lumia 1520, and it's arriving in Malaysia.

I saw it on the Digi Telco facebook, talking about the pre-order:

Digi offer Lumia 1520 at RM1902, free of contract

It is at a rather reasonable price....of course, there are a lot of my friends out there who would probably opt for Samsung Galaxy Note 3 instead of Lumia 1520.

Well, it is a natural choice, given the huge discount when buying Note 3 with contract though. Then, a lot of people seem to be talking about Android and how good Samsung is. 

I am not saying that Lumia 1520 is a better device than Note 3 (to clarify this, I'm not buying any Lumia devices at the moment...I'm still using my iPhone 4)'s just that from the improvement in Nokia devices and Windows Phone, there is a feeling that Nokia and Microsoft are getting it right....slowly but surely. The Lumia 1520 has a much superior camera capability in comparison to Note 3, at a 20megapixels, although it's still way behind the Lumia 1020. Then, let us not forget that Windows Phones are probably the only OS that you can consider doing real work with it, and with a large screen, Lumia 1520 seems like a perfect replacement for both tablet and phone. There are of course the apps limitations and for Google lovers, Android will always be a better option.

But if you are into this big phone devices and you're sick of both Apple and Android, buy the Lumia 1520 then.

During the launch, there was some showcase on some of the cool feature that comes with it.

Check it out on Lowyat Storekini for pre-order as well...

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