Simple health tips #5: For a Healthy Heart [Part 2]

The other time after I posted on For a Healthy Heart [Part 1], I decided to try on those tips.

For a Healthy Heart

Well, some of it were easy to follow...I go for exercise for at least once a week...normally about 2 or 3 times in a week. Probably I'll need to try to improve the frequency of my workout session. Eating fish was a bit difficult but I tried to take it when I'm eating with family members or friends who take fish. My weight is pretty okay. I'm taking some multivitamins which also cover Vitamin E and I also don't smoke. 

Guess it's time to talk about the other tips for a healthy heart.

6) Drink Red Wine

Cheers to moderate drinking

Well, you probably find it difficult to read this but red wine contains antioxidants and flavonoids that associated with heart protection. Of course, I'm not talking about drinking until you are drunk that kind, but drink wine moderately is actually good for your heart.

7) LOL! Laugh Out Loud!

Really, have a good laugh! Not just on your Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or IM....but really...laugh out loud!

Beautiful laughter is good for your heart
Whether you are watching comedy or when you are having a joke with your friends, laugh about it. If it gets you chuckling, it's good for your heart. 

Laughter is capable of helping one to relieve the stress that damage the the endothelium that helps with the blood flow. It also promotes the healthy function of the blood vessels. 

8) A little dark chocolate

Well, if you think that taking of your heart is all boring, then you are wrong...a little dark chocolate is good for the heart. 

Have a dark chocolate
The darker the chocolate, the more catechins (a heart healthy antioxidant). Indulge in a little (low sugar) dark chocolate for a heart healthy boost.

9) Manage stress

We are all bound to face with a lot of pressure and stress, whether we are still studying or working. But regardless of how stressful the situation is, it is important for us to learn to manage stress.

Manage Stress

Be proactive and address the issues as they arise. Try yoga's good both for your physical and mental. Eliminating stress will help to lower your blood pressure, something that your cardiovascular system will appreciate.

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