Weekend with YenLeng

Well, YenLeng had her CCP paper 5 on Saturday...so she came down to KL. We stayed at my aunty's place since there is no place for her to stay in my currently tenanted place. 

She came over on Friday and she took the LRT to KLCC on her own. It was great to see how she start to take initiative to learn and explore things on her own....independence is definitely something that she lacked but it was great to see how she tried to be independent this time around. 

We had a quick dinner and spent some time chatting and talking about things. It was great to have good conversations. 

Saturday was her exam and we reached UM about 8.50am. After she went in for her exam, I spent my time at Starbucks, studying and reading. I bought her lunch but since the invigilator did not allow outsider to bring food in, I could only waited for her. She finished her exam at about 3.15pm and we went to Midvalley for lunch. Went to Madam Kwan's for lunch since I had already had mine....thought of going for a movie but timing wasn't really that suitable. 

We went to our aunty's place to chill around and had dinner in Publika later on. It was great to just be around and talked about things. I think we spent a long time talking. 

Sunday we had our breakfast together with my aunty and uncle in McD nearby IKEA. 

Well, it was a tiring weekend with a lot of driving but it was great to spend time together...walking around, talking about things.

Next week is her convo so probably, we'll hang out more by then...

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