A weekend with friends and alcohol

Well, it was expected, with May Kee around, alcohol is definitely going to be part of the plan. 

Hangout session

Anyway, before I get into that, last weekend, she came over and temporarily stayed at Tom's place. We decided to meet up, talk and catch up on things since she left for UK for her studies.

She came over on Friday night and I met up with her, Siow Wei and another friend of theirs. (who has a really cool and serious face). It was great to meet up Siow Wei as well. We had a tower of Heineken and after that, we had a makan session at Murni. Instead of ordering a Maggi Goreng, I got a Mee Goreng instead. Anyway, I spent the night at Tom's place as well since it'll be crazy to drive from PJ to Setapak.

The next day since we do not have much plans, we went for coffee at Starbucks and ended up watching "Delivery Man" at Tropicana's. 

coffee to brighten your day

Tom and May Kee


I seriously think this type of movies are good to watch with your buddies. It's fun, hilarious and helps you to think a lot about life. 

At night, we had dinner at Jaya One's with Soon Aik joining us along. 

We called Aaron along but since he already had his dinner, we only invited him for our drinking session...

Not really a big deal...one vodka, one red wine and a Tower of Carlsberg after that while watching Manchester United game. Aaron only joined us for the Vodka and red wine though.

Soon Aik looking at the Vodka!
Well, by the time United game kick off against Swansea, Tom is already half way down. We still ordered for the tower at Picadilly though and that's when all hell breaks loose....we'll keep that story from this blog though. 

There were some crazy moments, and honestly, I couldn't even watch the game because of all that. Anyway, I was happy to spend the weekend with this crazy bunch of people. It was great to meet up, drink together and maybe watch some football games?


  1. i wanted to watch Delivery Man but never got the chance to. lol. was it good?

    1. I love the movie "Delivery Man". It helps me to get off the real world and enter into anothe realm...the jokes are silly and while some parts of the movie just doesn't make sense, Vince Vaughn was just his usual self, that somehow manage to help us laugh over silly things...I even blog about the movie...check it out if you are interested...


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