Moving again

Well, it's time to make a move again. 

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I still remembered when I have to move from Cendana Apartment to a new place in Setapak. It was a tiring process of moving things. I had to stay temporarily at my aunt's place at Royal Domain before finding a room at Prima Setapak. 

Anyway, some people might question me for making another move again. Well, I actually bought a place with my siblings at Jalan's called Mei On the Madge but since the legal process and final transaction have yet to finalize, the "Vacant Possession" cannot happen, therefore, I have to move to my aunt's place temporarily. Apparently, the unit will be available by mid of February latest. 

Well, it's tiring to move again, but I'm used to all these already by now. Honestly, it helps me to be independent, to manage my own things. It's kinda messy and it's not like how it is when my mom help me out with the packing but it helps me to grow up and be an adult. I'm thankful for the help I received from my aunt in allowing me to stay temporarily.
Anyway, time for packing since I'm going back Ipoh on the 28th night. Looking forward for a great Chinese New Year celebration with my family and friends. 


  1. Hi Billy! I know your feeling..packing and moving again. Mei On at The the price is like Rm700++ psqft.You home town is on the way to my hoem town..hahaha Happy Chinese New Year and wish a prosperous and Good Luck year!

  2. Hi Cindy! Great that someone shared the frustration at having to move again. Anyway, I kinda look forward to stay at my own place, with more freedom and flexibility. The price is around there...I guess it's KL area but I kinda love city so that's good for me. If my hometown is along the way to yours, I suppose you're from Penang? And thanks for the CNY wish! :-)


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