How K-dramas spoil your love life?

Are you a fan of K-pop? Are you addicted to the K-dramas? If you are, then there is a danger of you falling into the category of those finding it difficult to find meaning and satisfaction in their love lives. 

The reason is simple...chances are you are reading a fairy tale story that is too good to be true. In fact, it took an unlimited amount of energy to reproduce the kind of love story shown on K-dramas. Here are some reasons why it will spoil your love life...

a) A superb and overly high expectations of your loved ones

It would be a disaster from the start if you have an overly high expectations of your loved ones. It is almost impossible to find a perfect, good looking, patient, cook, clean, work and love you at anywhere and at anytime...
Who wouldn't want this kind of awesome partners? But let's be honest...we all have our is just impossible to have this pressure exerted on the other party all the time. It drained their energy and turn their ugly side uglier in the long run.

b) The CEO problem

This part is the worst...we always have a rich CEO or top managers or a son of some billionaires falling in love with the poor and noble girl...seriously? How often does this actually happen in reality?

c) There is always a long silence when expressing your feelings...

This can actually be very unhealthy. Instead of encouraging more communication to express feelings to your loved ones, you learn from the movie to be quiet, look into the eyes....

The truth is, the frequency of silence that is increasing could easily help one's relationship to broke off...

d) You believe that your life is more special than the others, imagining yours as a K-Drama....which in reality is impossible. 

Well, I'm not trying to lower down your expectation of your loved life. I am only saying that a relationship that is genuine has to be something that is work out from both parties, with reasonable energies and time spent. If an unreasonable expectation that requires unlimited amount of energy and time for the relationship to work out is what kick start a relationship, it is always going to be a downhill journey. 

Instead, start enjoying your the little things, and maybe....stop watching K-dramas....


  1. I dun really like to watch Korean dramas.

    1. I love to watch some of them though...:-)

  2. I am one of those korean drama freak..eheh! You can watch for entertainment but please get your feet together on the ground to the reality of life. Drama is all pre planned and according to plan. For those korean drama laugh,you cry,you happy, you in love .....and that is the end. You life is you life not others...there you go my precious comment.Have a good day Billy!

    1. Hi Cindy, it's good that you take it as entertainment and that's it because love life in reality is not a 20 to 30 episodes of one's much longer than that. Having an extreme expectation of your loved ones could lead to a lot of distress...having said that, there are also those who are still living a happy and enjoyable life even though they enjoyed Korean drama...I hope you are one of them...:-)


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