Weekend chill in KL with YenLeng

It's been a rather eventful weekend....hanging around with YenLeng at places...

On Friday, we went to Publika after work for dinner and went to Coffee Stain to chill around.

The coffee there wasn't exceptionally nice but it was unique in a way. The drink that I ordered is a coffee cube while Yen Leng ordered a 3D chocolate....cost me about RM34. 



RM15.90...a must try!

It was pretty cute....but the environment was not as good as Coffee Societe. Anyway, the next round, we will probably head to Coffee Societe instead. Overall, the place at Coffee Stain was alright. 

Well, the best part here is the 3D chocolate that Yen Leng ordered...which was really awesome and cute.

the 3D Chocolate...

A closer snapshots
The environment was quite bright.....with a lot of lighting....I guess that's the reason for the nice photograph taken as well...

As for my drink, it tasted normal...nothing special, but the coffee cube idea was pretty creative.


Saturday was a more tiring day as we went out for almost the whole day. We went for mamak stall for our breakfast...totally love the idea of a breakfast with Roti Canai and Nescafe....Yen Leng enjoyed the Roti Canai with Orange juice though...truly a Malaysian culture. 

Love the roti canai!!

After that, I met up with Chin Sian at Starbucks....I felt happy to meet up and catch up on his life. It was also good to drink Starbucks drinks with the tumbler...RM2 discount. It's been a while since I drink the Starbucks coffee with the tumbler. Almost every time also forgot....guess it's time to remember to bring it next time.

Then, Yen Leng and I went to Sunway Pyramid to chill around...

We came across this Manchester United merchandise store inside AEON. There are so many things...jeans, t-shirts, collar t-shirts, cap etc....Well, how I wish I could get them all...but due to financial issues, I only managed to got 2 collar t-shirts (Buy 1 Free 1) while Yen Leng got another one at a 10% discount. 

We walked around, looking at smartphones, bags, shoes, electrical appliances, food etc...it was a really tiring day. 

At the end of our day at Sunway, we decided to buy ourselves some drinks...

The Hui Lau Shan shop...not sure what is it until today...

We ordered the Bird's Nest & Honey Jelly Series....a watermelon flavor!! I really don't understand how is the Bird's Nest there as it cost me about RM8....haha!! 

 Well, I wish to post more photos...but time does not permit...time to sleep! Tomorrow is working day!! 

Enjoyed myself over the weekend...time to get back to work!! Looking forward to it!! 

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