Is Windows Phone 8 for you?

The first impression with Lumia 1520 is simply amazing. Of course, I have to was a bit awkward and weird initially, especially since I was so used to the iOS ecosystem. 

For those of you who are interested to try Windows Phone 8, here are a few things for you to know before you jump ship.


TILES interface are simply AMAZING!

I am not boasting about the tiles interface for the sake of it but it was simply amazing. The tiles feeds that keep refreshing, and how the photos keep rotating gives a refreshing feeling about the phone. It's not just about apps anymore with Windows Phone. 

It's about having a phone that integrate the important things on the main menu for you to see, in the form of tiles. 


The PEOPLE HUB is simply amazing...the integration of the Facebook, Twitter and your contacts. It helps to centralize everything onto a page. Instead of opening apps by apps, I get to check on my Facebook and Twitter works not only on PEOPLE hub, but also the MESSAGING session. I love the idea of sending a message and Facebook message on the same page. The feeling was great! The same works with the email. Honestly, I think this is the real strength in Windows Phone. There is no other phone that is so deeply integrated than the one on the Windows Phone ecosystem. 

It simply enhance the user experience with this feature.


The music app is cool....I love how it works...and honestly, it's much more beautiful than the one I have on the iPhone. It's easier to transfer the music files from my PC to Lumia 1520. I just plug it into the USB and transfer it like how I normally transfer my more SYNCING problems like the one on the iOS ecosystem.

The MUSIC app is easy to use and I love the interface even more....


I can't help but to fall in love with the Glance feature on my Lumia 1520. It helps to show notification on some of the important details that you want to know.

The display appear dark with little details on the bottom part. I could also add some background onto it with some quotes that I love.


I couldn't help but to be amazed with the camera feature on the Lumia 1520. Probably this has more to do with Nokia than Windows Phone but it shows how much efforts are put in to enhance the camera feature. The Nokia Camera Pro is probably one of the best in the market.

Nokia has provide so much apps to help enhance the images taken...the Nokia Pro Cam, the Nokia Cinemagraphy, Nokia Creative Studio, Nokia Panorama and Nokia Storyteller...all of these apps are just powerful tools to help you play with the photos taken....not forgetting about Microsoft's own Photosynth app.


Honestly, there is not much that I hate about this Windows Phone but probably I have been too used to the iOS ecosystem that I find it difficult to adjust to the Windows Phone.

First thing....the lack of apps in comparison to the Apple Store.

Windows Store still a long way to catch up
While it doesn't really affect me, I'm sure some users will be annoyed with the lack of apps in comparison to the Apple Store. And some of the apps are also not as good as the ones on the iOS ecosystem. I couldn't help but to feel it when I realize I couldn't play the Bejeweled Blitz anymore. Anyway, there are still a lot of other popular and good apps on the Windows just feel incomplete if you compare it with the ones on Google Play and Apple Store.


Even though I love the Glance feature and TILES interface on the Windows Phone, I still miss the notification center available on my iPhone. There are times that I would overlook the comments or updates from my friends on Facebook, as I didn't notice the ever moving and refreshing display on the People tiles. When there is a message appearing while I was on another app, I also couldn't remove it like how I did it on my iPhone.

Hopefully, the next update Windows will help to provide a better notification than it already has.


I just wish there is a button that I could simply click on that will help me set some of the important settings like brightness, bluetooth, WiFi and others. It feels a bit silly to always go into the Settings and tick one by one from there. 


To conclude, I think Windows Phone is an awesome phone, with so many features that Android and iOS simply don't have. The deep integration is simply much better than in any of the other OS. The interface is beautiful and it's fast...blazing fast. I just couldn't make it lag in any way. Not forgetting the Office features on the Windows Phone. But it takes a bit of getting used to for the settings and Notification feature. And of course, the APPS issue that has always been there from the start. I'm not sure about you but I love my Windows Phone even with this flaw. I find it much more intuitive and the user experience is not compromise at all. I think if you are not too concern about the apps issue, it's the right time to get yourself your first Windows Phone.

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