Nokia X is here in Malaysia

I was surprised at how quickly the Nokia X has got its' way to Malaysia. The first Nokia phone that will be running on Android. Finally, the wait is over...isn't it? But not quite so I guess...


The Nokia X is not a high end phone, but more of an entry level smartphone. And it comes at an extremely affordable price, at RM399, if you were to buy from Storekini right now.

Well, for those who are not aware what Nokia X is, it's an Android phone and yet so unlike one. If you have seen the Lumia family that run Windows OS, that's what it looks like.

There is a Fastlane feature...that help you to have quick access to your most-used apps. You get to it by swiping from the left or right edge of the home screen or tapping the back button at the bottom.

The Fastlane feature is definitely one that puts it ahead of its rival, Samsung...well, maybe it's time to start paying a visit to Nokia store...

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