Trying with Great Eastern app

The first time that I tried with the 21 Days app, I was very disappointed because of the limitation of that app. It was simply a reminder app with some encouraging words here and there, but that's all about it, but when I saw the LiveGreat app, I decided to give it another try.


When I first login, I have to key in some of my details, like age, height, weight etc. It wasn't too troublesome with only a short survey that come next to detect on my health and fitness level. 

I find the app to be more useful this time around....some advice are given to me on a day to day basis when I choose for a certain programme to help me live a better life. The article is not too lengthy and the information given is useful.

The daily tips that are intended to inspire one to live a better life is great and easy to read. I don't have much complaints. Although it would be great if the app is more interactive but I guess it plays its' part good enough.

There are not a lot of companies that would create an app that is not linked with their companies' products. It's simply a health app that I would recommend anybody to use. 

If you have not download one, I suggest you get one. 

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