Windows 8

I am trying to update the Windows 8 to the latest Windows 8.1.

I'm gonna blog more about the new features later.

While doing that, I synchronize the People, Mail and Calendar on the Metro screen. Even the photos are updating the photos from Facebook once there is a WiFi.

Love the Metro screen
I totally adore the Metro screen. However, there is a mixed feeling in the experience of using Windows 8, partly due to the Metro screen and the Desktop screen. The desktop screen is still optimized for usage with the mous while the Metro screen is great with touch screen. It took a bit of adjusting initially but the experience is great. The transition is smooth and Windows 8 are just so integrated with social network. It's simply incredible.

I also love the Music app...I increase the volume while I was blogging.

My sister is definitely missing the experience of using this device. Such a shame for those who are too used to the Apple interface that they find it difficult to try something that feels even better. Just my take though...:-)

What say you?

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