Another reason to love Lumia 1520

I have been using Lumia 1520 for about 4 days now and I'm loving it more than when I first played with it. 

Here is another reason for me to love this Windows Phone....AN AMAZING BATTERY LIFESPAN!!

Even though the phone is big with a large display screen, the battery life of the Nokia Lumia 1520 is simply amazing. I was playing with it here and there, chatting on Facebook, Whatsapp, taking a call here and there, while taking some snapshots as well....some time were taken to browse the web, play some games and search for some apps. I also played with the settings for the background, adjusting a few photos using the Nokia apps that are pre-installed on the device....and yet the Lumia 1520 lasted for about 11 hours. I was stunt...and from my usage, I believe I could use it for another hour before the Lumia shut down on me.

Check out the usage here....

When the phone dropped to 16%, I had already used it for about 11 hours. I did not even turn on the Battery Saver function. 

The BATTERY LIFESPAN of the Lumia 1520 alone is a good enough reason for you to consider buying it. No more charging every time when you go out for an outing. Time to enjoy what's around you and let your smartphone do the smart thing without having to look for cables or power bank to charge...

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