The time has come for a change?

Just 12 months ago, United were the English Champions. Today, they couldn't even beat Everton. Everton have always been a respectable side with plenty of grit and organisation. In this 2-0 victory over Manchester United they were made to look like Real Madrid.

It is difficult to find a reason for the current performance. The club has always been talking about "time" and "rebuilding", but how many poor performances will it take for the situation to be clear....Moyes has been given an entire season, even with a poorer performance than Spurs, he's still in charge, whereas Andres Villa Boas has been sacked. 


Time has been given...and the results don't lie. 

His post-match interview gives the fans all the more reasons to doubt him...

“We didn’t deserve to lose,” said David Moyes. But they did. 
Whilst United were trying to telegraph their football around, Everton were slickly passing and finding space in dangerous areas.

United may have had more possession, but they did little with it. The top pass combination of the match was Carrick to Fletcher. Midfielder under pressure to midfielder under pressure. No wonder United struggled to get the ball forward.

The search now goes deeper into history to find comparisons for when things were this bad for Manchester United. Not only is this the worst season Manchester United have experienced since the advent of the Premier League, it is now one of their worst for 40 years, since their emergence from the old Second division.

Rooney failed to repay the faith by Moyes

While it may be unfair to point fingers at Moyes, it is fair to say that his time is up. He's not the solution United is looking for.

Sorry pal! One season of poor performance is enough to evaluate Moyes...he's not the CHOSEN ONE. Fergie made mistakes too...

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