TIME Broadband

I have always thought that UniFi was probably the most reliable broadband in Malaysia...that's until I found TIME.

Well, I'm not promoting it because I'm using it but because it is good.

The installers were good and helpful as well. 

I have not really try the speed for a long time but a day of using it makes me feel good about the connection. 
Here is a speed test for you guys to take a look at...

Check out the speed

The package is also much cheaper than TM's UniFi. One of the weakness with TIME is the coverage area, but if you area is within their coverage, I suggest you go for it.

This is your monthly commitment
At only RM129, you are getting 8Mbps. There is also free 30 hours boost to 50Mbps speed, and it's within your control. A big thumbs up on this feature. All you have to do is login to TIME selfcare link and choose to boost the speed.

Add to 50 Mbps
I have yet to try this feature but will probably use it when I need to stream for my football game.

Then, it also come with the Voice feature...I chose to pay the RM10 for 2000 minutes free call and it's better than TM because it's applicable to fixed line, IDD and also mobile network. (updated)

MOTOROLA Cordless Phone
Well, it comes with a MOTOROLA Cordless Phone...I asked if I can changed colour and the lady answered me wisely....TIME's theme colour is in pink. Well, it's not bad....it's striking and I kinda love the design of it.

Probably the only thing that is at a disadvantage when it comes to using TIME Broadband is the installation process. It takes longer and slightly more complicated. As I did not want the wire to be seen, two holes have to be drilled and it cost RM100 for each hole. Anyway, overall, the installation was a pleasant one. 

Well, I'll update more on the consistency of the speed once I'm using it for a longer time. At the moment, it works awesome for me!!

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