Heater with Rain Shower is ready...

 Today, the contractor helped me fix the heater. 

Smart Instant Shower Heater

I got the Alpha Instant Shower Heater. I got a rain shower as well. 

I was a bit fed up with the management because when the contractor came, they told me that any renovation is not allowed on weekends. I didn't realize that fixing a water heater is considered as renovation, just because some drilling is required. (How about if I drill some holes on my own during the weekends?) Anyway, after some talk with the management guy at the security house, he eventually allowed them in.

The guys were quick. Took them less than an hour to get everything done.

Now I know why a lot of things could actually be done on our own. I should have recorded the whole process. It's not really that difficult. 

Anyway, it cost me RM880....pretty pricey. At least there is a heater at home now....gonna try it now.

Rain shower

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