Microsoft Surface Pro 3

There used to be a saying that Microsoft requires 3 attempts to get a product right, and Microsoft is hoping that it will definitely happen. The third attempts and the outcome is Surface Pro 3.

The 3rd generation Surface tablet, claimed to be a laptop replacement instead of just another tablet. 

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

While Microsoft Surface chief, Panos Panay unveiled the Surface 3, he noted that most people in the crowd were typing with their Apple Macbooks and most of them had an iPad in their bag. He cited that statistics show that 96% of iPad owners have a laptop.

As he brought out Surface Pro 3, an Intel powered device, Panay claimed that the Surface Pro 3 is both a laptop and a tablet in one touchscreen form factor. 

It features a greatly improved dockable keyboard and adjustable screen kickstand that will allow for laptop typing, something difficult with earlier models. Plus, it features a special pen for writing digital ink on documents, editing photos and other tasks where pen input is preferable.

"Ladies and gentlemen, this is the tablet that can replace your laptop — the Surface Pro 3," Panos Panay, corporate vice president of Microsoft Surface, said at a press event in New York City.

Lighter than Macbook Air

A key application of the new tablet is to replace an analog pen and notepad. Clicking the top of the special pen commands the Surface tablet to turn on with a OneNote writing surface displayed. Click the Surface Pen again and the note is synced to the Internet cloud via Microsoft's OneDrive.

Most stable on a lap than ever before....

Well, the secret is mini Surface, but a larger one, and the key here is that Surface Pro is a laptop replacement instead of another tablet. It's powerful and have new features that will grab attention. The question remains here is will the sales go up for Surface Pro 3? 

Only time will tell...if history were to repeat itself, then Microsoft has a high chance of getting it right this time around...