Mini Rice Cooker

Today, I tried using the Mini Rice Cooker that my parents bought for me.

My life, I cook

Small, cute and nice

Well, one thing good about the rice cooker is that I can used it to cook the dishes as well. I made some chicken mince and hotdog with the rice today for dinner.

It's quite nice. The first thing that we do is to add seasoning on the minced chicken and the hotdog. YenLeng helped to do this.

It's easy to add some seasoning to enhance the taste of it...
The process of cooking the rice is similar to the normal rice cooker that I used to have at home...

Fragrant rice

This is what I used to measure the rice

One scoop of this is equivalent to one bowl of rice

This is to wash and clean it

The process of cooking the rice is slightly different because the rice cooker is used to cook the minced chicken and hotdog together. 

The red color indicator shows it's in the process

Green and it's done!

This is what the outcome is...

not exactly a beautiful one, but it tastes good

The rice has its' taste of aroma as well...lovely!

After our dinner, we actually eat orange as well. 

Want some??

I'm happy about the whole process. It's good and although it takes some time, I'm glad. One thing that I know for sure is this....learning how to cook is the first step towards achieving my goal.


  1. awesome! i own mini cute rice cooker too. Its very easy to cook for just single like me. Brown rice cook then add korean banchan and sambal bilis then stir in the bowl like bibimbap then eat with seaweed. Your hotdog and minced chicken look delicious too!

  2. Hey, Thanks for the comment here. I think that's a very good idea that you shared here. I'll try it when I'm more familiar with it. Looking forward to it...

  3. Very cute rice cooker. Enough to cook for 2 person?

  4. It's enough to cook for 2. I understand that it can be used to cook for 4 people max.


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