Walking to work

Most people wouldn't even consider this as an option. Walking to work is not a norm in Malaysians...
First of all, this was because the public transport is not good enough. 
Secondly, it is insane to walk to work because of the hot weather in Malaysia.

However, staying just about 1.5km away from my workplace, I don't see why can't I break this norm. It's better to cycle to work but since I have yet to learn how to cycle, walking will be the second best option. No doubt, it takes a little longer but I get to avoid the jam, the parking etc. I guess it's worth the walk.

Anyway, here's what great about walking to work for me...a lot of great views of big condominiums, which could be very encouraging or demotivating, depending on how you look at it.

Here's the view of my condominium from the outside...

Lovely exterior

Mei on the Madge

Walking out from my condominium is the construction of a big condominium...

If you are interested in the unit, you may call...if I remembered correctly, it's about RM3 million plus per unit (it's a sum of money that I cannot afford for sure!!) but then it's quite big, about 3000+ psf.

Walking further down Jalan Madge is the Gallery U-Thant. This is probably one of the highest per square feet condominium in KL. It is big...the design is unique and it's beautiful. No question about that at all...somehow it just give you that motivation to work harder....perhaps to want to live a better life.

gallery U-Thant

Check out the Gallery U-Thant view from afar....

Opposite Gallery U-Thant is a unit that looks like a mansion or a bungalow and it is very unique in design. I'm not sure who's staying inside actually but it's gotta be someone rich.

Next to this is the Madge Residences. It's another low density condominium around U-Thant area. 

Katana 1 Residence....Katana 2 is next to Great Eastern...

Well, I'm not sure bout you but all these luxury residences just tell me you gotta do something bout your life. I think that's a good motivation each time I walk to work in the morning.

Reaching the junction
This is the junction...you will see the road sign, Jalan Madge here.

Nearby there is an abandon building. 

I was a bit curious about it and so decide to take a snapshot of it. 

Abandon building....

This building is around the small roundabout here...

The sign shows Jalan Ampang, Jalan U-Thant and Jalan Tun Razak
Well, here's another reason why it makes sense to walk to work and from work...

Check this out:


No more traffic jam. Or should I put it this way...there is no need to worry about traffic jam. During the day time, there isn't really much jam but the after work jam is horrible. So, here's one of the best thing about walking to work and from work...no more worries about traffic jam.

Along that straight road, there are some landed properties with very beautiful garden...here is one that I took and some other Embassy for other countries....there is also a project called edgeofuthant. Looks pretty pricey though.

Saw the Great Eastern logo as I came out to Jalan Ampang from PERKESO

When I walk out from the small road to Jalan Ampang via Menara PERKESO, I get to see the Great Eastern logo.

Well, it took me about 15 minutes to reach office...it's not too long and it's not short either. Walk about 1.5km a day and I think that's good. 10,000 steps a day takes about 8km. So just by walking to office and from office helped me to complete 3km. 

It's a great way to start your working life! :-)


  1. healthy way to live too! Wow! I wish I could have the opportunity to walk to work.I have to drive at least 2 hours to reach office...haish!

  2. Hey Thanks for dropping by. I agreed that it's a great and healthy way to live. It's a decision that I made consciously when I bought a place. So, if I ever do think of changing job, I'll also be looking at the areas as well. I think it helps to save a lot of time.


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