After watching the Italy's terrible game against Costa Rica, I felt horrible. 

Looked for something interesting that excites me. 

Since Transformers 4: Age of Extinction is coming up soon, I decided to blog about the Bumblebee that my bro and I bought. 


Here was the process of us transforming the Bumblebee into the Camaro.

Unboxing it wasn't really that difficult but need to cut off the string that was used to tie the Bumblebee to the packaging. 

Alright, first attempt by my brother, Jason.

A serious look and he was game on. 

While it looks easy in the movie when Bumblebee transformed into Camaro, the actual process was slightly more difficult.

We had the manual ready to help...

There are definitely times when we got stuck.

Here is one of those moments...

And another...

How do I get rid of the hand?? Hmmm...
Anyway, the process of it was fun. It just felt good to remember those feelings when we were kids....

And when the work is done, the joy of seeing the Camaro.

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