Done with exam, time for more reading and exercise

Honestly, the whole year has been busy, mainly because of moving into a new place and a new department where I start from zero. 

Was it easy to study as well during this period for my exam? No, not at all. Anyway, the exam was over yesterday. I felt like I've done everything that I could. Whether it's gonna be a pass or a fail, I know that's a lot to work on. Anyway, while I was working for my exam for the last one month, I neglected a lot on my exercise routine and other important reading habit. I'm gonna get back to it as well. (I gotta be honest...the last one month was about studying, watching some very good American TV series: House of Cards and some other personal matters as well)

Anyway, this is how I feel now...

Well, I'm gonna try to keep my commitment here. Will work on my fitness starting tomorrow morning.

And here's a good book to kickstart my reading...