Let the party begin in Brazil

Let the football feast begin in Brazil!
The world's biggest stars are ready. Fans from 32 nations are ready. The Brazilian stadiums are ready. (Erm....well, it's still on its' way...it'll be ready by then, hopefully). Are you ready for the World Cup?

If you checked on the previous post on World Cup 2014, you would have known which Group your team is in.

The next question: what are the odds of winning??

Here is a checklist on different groups, starting with Group A.

In Group A, we have the host, Brazil, also the country that won the most in this tournament. 5 times to be exact. 


It's really a difficult question to answer on that but the odds favor them, that's for sure. Make no mistake about it. Brazil will top Group A for sure. But what's interesting about Group A is who'll make second placing. Croatia or Mexico? 

Who will be celebrating in the Group stage?

My view is that Croatia will take the second place. 

Led by Luka Modric, the Croatians are a dangerous team. We all know how well Modric performed for Real Madrid, especially in the final game. Mexico's struggles dating back to World Cup qualifying should be a concern. The Mexicans could put things together in Brazil, and they are more than capable of moving onto the knockout phase, but recent form suggests Croatia will earn the second slot in the round of 16 from this group. Honestly, there is not much chance for Cameroon to qualify to the next stage.

Next up: Group B


This is one of the "three" Group of Deaths in this tournament.

Spain, Netherlands, Chile or Australia?

Spain and Netherlands will be favourite to qualify for the next stage. 

Spain should prevail in this group and they have to, if not they will face Brazil in the next stage. The Netherlands are full of talented players but their performance during the big stage is hard to judge. Let's not forget Euro 2012. But I think Chile has the advantage because of the heat that they are more used to. Should Vidal be in full fitness condition, the chances are higher for Chile in comparison to Netherlands.

Here is the odds and predictions for the Group.

Group C

Group C contains teams of almost equal standards and it's difficult to judge who will come out as a clear winner.

Group C

Even then, it's likely that Colombia will win this Group. James Rodriguez is the country's most important player anyway, as he is the team's creative maestro, and the Colombians are pretty loaded in the attack with Jackson Martinez, Teofilo Gutierrez, Adrian Ramos and Carlos Bacca more than capable of finding the back of the net. Ivory Coast and Japan should come close for the second placing. Greece? I don't think that's a chance.

Group D

URUGUAY, ITALY, ENGLAND?? Who will have to go home early??

This group will be a fun one to watch....it's where Uruguay, Italy and England are in. Add these three countries, they won 7 times of this tournament.

It's a question of whether Suarez will be fit in time for the tournament for Uruguay. The South American is a good team even without Suarez but it will be a struggle to advance out of this group with Italy and England in the picture if Suarez could not make it in time. The weather is to their advantage but Italy and England will be betting against Suarez playing in time for the group stage. 


It's hard to bet against Italy moving on to the knockout phase. The Italians possess a sturdy defense and a stifling midfield, led by the great Andrea Pirlo. They also traditionally play well on this stage, so they should survive this group. This will leave England as the odd team out. There is a lot to like for this English side....they have Sturridge and Rooney combine in attack with a lot more younger players in the squad. They could move on, yes, but this feels like a draw the English won't overcome.

More will be posted on the next 4 groups in the coming post...