World Cup 2014: ready or not, it's here...

The countdown clock has clicked down to zero. The airforce is on alert, the police are ready, navy, army and solder are mobilized to ensure security...hundreds of million of TV sets are tuned into the same event...

Is Brazil ready?

World Cup 2014 is here. By 5pm on Thursday in Brazil, the World Cup kick off. 

The spiritual home of football has been beset with transit strikes, protest, security concern, the criticism on wasteful spending, delays in construction and corruption surrounding the event. All is not well for Brazil.

As Neymar, Paulinho, Hulk, Fred and their compatriots file through the stadium tunnel in São Paulo, workers in other host cities are still wrestling with the final touches on construction projects that are chronically late, over budget and fatally ill managed. Fifa, though, has declared all 12 venues ready and once the football starts, it will hope that attention shifts to the pitch rather than the streets. This could be one of the best and greatest or the worst in the history of this sports. Brazil has always been known to be one of the most obsessed countries with football. Anything short of a victory would be seen as a failure, and with so many issues surrounding this year's tournament, it could turn ugly.

"People are like, 'I love the World Cup, I love the football. But what is happening? They're still robbing money, stealing money,'" said Daniel Victor Leon, President of the Team Brazil Fan Club.

"It's like the people are in doubt. Do I have to support Brazil right now or do I go to protest?"

Winning is the only option for Brazil

A victory for Brazil could helped ease the pain and trouble....whether ready or not, World Cup 2014 is here...are you ready for Brazil?