Argentina vs Netherlands....Messi or Robben?

The Brazil-Germany was a shocker. Are we supposed to expect something similar from Argentina and Netherlands game tonight? Well, I personally dislike Messi. Sorry for the Messi-ah's fans out there. Not that I'm a fan of Robben but with Van Gaal going to Manchester United this coming season, I prefer Netherlands. 

Anyway, it's going to be a 50-50 game. Messi or Robben? Either one of these two players will have to shine if their team were to progress. 

Honestly, both teams have not been too convincing but they are here, in the semi-final. 

For Argentina, it's five wins out of five games...a perfect record. But if you look beyond the surface, here's where you see the problem. Argentina only managed to beat Belgium by 1-0. Switzerland took the Argentina players to the extra time. Nigeria actually came back twice against Argentina...The goal against Iran happened in the injury time. And the opener against Bosnia was very much thanks to an own goal. Well, it was all very close but they got through and that's what be a champion, you got to be good and lucky. They have both of it so far.

Netherlands was great at the start but seem to be getting tired. The first game was a great one for them....5-1 win against Spain. Then, they need to squeeze out a 3-2 win against Australia. They managed to beat Chile 2-0 (of course, Chile was playing without Vidal that game). They needed to come from behind and a controversial penalty to win the game against Mexico. Costa Rica pushed them all the way to the penalty. 

I think it will be a close game for both. Van Gaal has prove to be the difference so far. If he continue making the right choices, Netherlands might just stand a chance here. Messi vs Robben? I'm hoping for Robben but looking at the form of both teams, I felt that the Netherlands might be too tired to carry on. Hopefully I'm wrong...