Gym workout continues

Today, I maintain the workout routine as planned.

1) Run for 5 minutes (approximate speed: 10km/hr)

Rest for 2 minutes after run

2) Push Ups (15 times)

3) Triceps Push-Ups (10 times)

Rest for 30 seconds

4) Seated concentration curl with dumbbell (to build biceps) - 10 times on each hand (Right hand then left hand)

5) Triceps kickback (to build triceps) - 10 times on each hand (Right hand then left hand)

Rest for 30 seconds

6) Seated shoulder press (to build shoulder) - 10 times on each shoulder (Right then left)

7) Bench press (to build chest) - 10 times

Rest for 1 minute

8) Stretching (30 seconds) on legs, body, and hand

9) Sit-Ups (15 times)

Rest for 2 minutes

After that, it's the repeat of the 1st workout: running.

I managed to do it for 3 sets as per my plan.

Tomorrow I'll only go for running. Plan to run for about 3km in the morning. Hopefully I can keep up! 

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