Host Brazil humiliated

It wasn't supposed to end like this. No one expected a 7-1 win for the Germans but you can sensed it if you are watching the game. The Brazilians were horrible at their defense as soon as they concede the first one. Too hurry to get back into the game, it turn into a disaster.

The 5 goals that come in the first half are mostly from the Brazilian's own mistake. And when attacking, I always wonder where is the Brazil's number 9? Fred is unbelievable poor in this tournament...Hulk was never gonna play well with what Scolari planned for him. Poor tactics, and without Neymar and Silva, Brazil looked terrible. The first one was horrible....David Luiz left Thomas Mueller alone. The Germans are very good at their set piece and it's amazing how the Brazilian defenders could allow him unmark. Poor defending. 

I think the second goal from Germany is really the goal that kill off Brazil. This was a great goal by Klose. His shot was blocked by Caesar but he rebound to ensure he break Ronaldo's 15 goals record in the World Cup as well. Well, again, it was also a poor defending by Marcelo...he had so many chances to intercept with that goal. I wonder how Klose got the rebound when Marcelo was so near the ball....

A minute later, Lahm's low pass across the 18 yard box invade everyone, including Mueller but Toni Kroos was there to score. 2 minutes later, another Brazilian mistake...then again. And we have 5-0 up in the first half.

I can understand why the fans are don't play like this in front of your home fans, in front of a nation...

One positive note from the Brazilian's team is that they started the second half with an intent to fight. During the half time break, we hear a lot about the commentators talking about fighting for pride. Not to concede more...but Brazil attack with intent. There were some great saves by Neuer at the start of the second half.

Two more goals from the German in the second half, and Oscar hit back with a consolation at the final moment. 

I think it was a great run by Oscar despite of the scoreline...great spirit there.

There is a lot of tears....Oscar was crying at the end of the game...

Oscar was being consoled by the Brazilian coaching staff....

And so is David Luiz...

Well, I'm not going to be a hard critics here...everyone was right to say Brazil was fact, the commentator was right..."This is probably the worst Brazilian team that made it to the semi-final"

But let's not forget the amount of pressure and stress that these players were going through. It could be seen in their was obvious. They were bearing a heavy burden. And without their captain and star player, it was even worse. Well, they played badly....there's no denying it. But it was probably due to the stress and pressure that they had....the expectations that were building were so great.

And they are young players, with little experience in the big stage. I only feel sorry for these batch of Brazilian players....Big Phil could have helped them by selecting a few experienced dude like Kaka. Honestly, if there is any person to blame for this defeat, it's Scolari.

Great game by the Germans (I'm never a fan), but the 7-1 will account for nothing if they don't win the World Cup. Nobody remember the runner up. So, Germany better make sure that they perform as well as they just did.

So, first round of South American vs European semi-final goes to the European country. Up next: Argentina takes on Netherlands....


  1. 信不信由你.... 这次世界杯,意大离了,西班哑了、英格烂了、乌拉归了……1/4决赛:哥伦比哑了,法兰熄了,比利失了,哥斯达离家了!照这思路,接下去半决赛:巴熄了,荷烂了,决赛是德国阿根廷。最后:德过了,阿根停了,冠军应该是德国‼️

  2. If this happened here, the whole (Brazil) team would spend the next 48 hrs drinking coffee at CPIB!


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