World Cup 2014 so far disappointing

A lot have been talked about this World Cup...the free goal scoring trend and some historic moments for countries like Costa Rica, Algeria...

But so far, World Cup 2014 has been disappointing. The tiki-taka of Spain was disastrous until the last game. The promising young English sides failed miserably. Italy's game against Uruguay was a disgrace....Suarez, another bite? Ronaldo looked nothing like a World Player of the year...and the host, Brazil...barely make it to the quarter final.

Alright, I'm bias. I supported Italy and felt injustice was upon the Azzurri when Suarez was not shown a red card when he bit Chiellini. Portugal was horrible to watch...and yeah, Brazil was lucky to be in the quarter final. 

Anyway, some great games by US, Colombia and even Nigeria. I felt they were great against France. Germany was as usual, favourite to go into the semi-final. Argentina was pretty good with Messi living to some of the hype. It was as predicted...the weather in Brazil is too much for most European countries to stand....Holland was good though, partly thanks to the tactician, Louis Van Gaal. Really looking forward to him taking charge at United...

Holland, one of the few teams that perform in Brazil...

Well, for the Brazilian fans, it will definitely be nail biting moments to take on Colombia....being a neutral (now that Italy is out), I look forward to the game...may the best win the game and the tournament!!


  1. Colombia to pull off an upset win against the hosts Brazil!

  2. Colombia to pull off an upset win against the hosts Brazil!


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