Fitbit Flex [Review]

I've got the Fibit Flex for a while now.

Initially, I don't find it that useful especially since I'm a Windows Phone user, there ain't any app that can sync with the Fitbit Flex so I could only check my progress whenever I on my laptop. (which is not convenient)

But after I upgraded the Windows Phone 8 to Windows Phone 8.1 and with the latest Fitbit app available on Windows Phone store, I could check my status on the go.

Fitbit Flex

wearing it more often now that the app is there on WP

Alright, I'm gonna blog about how well Fitbit Flex works. First of all, I gotta admit....I doubt the accuracy of the number of steps shown. After all, how can a device worn around the wrist detect the number of steps taken. I'm sure it uses some sensors but there got to be limitation like when I move my hand etc. My doubt was proven to be correct. When I wore the Fitbit flex on my right hand, the number of steps increase much more because I am a right hander. Once in my left hand, it shows a more accurate result. I suppose it senses the movement of our hands as the movement of steps, depending on how quick the movement is.

While in the casing
Well, here are the results of mine for two days...

The result shown was a success for me, as I managed to maintain 10,000 steps a day. I think it's a good motivation to be able to keep up with the progress on the go. When I saw that I hit 5,000 steps, I wanted to walk the stairs to ensure that the steps could keep going up. There is this motivation by just seeing where you are from your goal.

Well, overall, the experience of using it is good. I realized that if I walked around the mall for an hour, it'll help me increase the steps a lot and easier to hit my 10,000 steps goal a day.

Now, there is one thing that I don't like about Fitbit Flex....that's the need to charge it. I have to charge it regularly, like once every 5 days. I think that's a weakness of a wearable device. I don't charge my watch...I don't charge devices that I wear...anyway, I think I'll just rely on this until something new come out in the market. It does help me to maintain my fitness and health in a good way. I'll recommend this to anyone who want to change into a healthier lifestyle.


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    1. I believe Fitbit Flex is already a very good activity tracker. Anyway if you do get other brand, share on your review ya! Would love to know!


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