How to get Windows Phone 8.1?

If you happen to own a Windows Phone and wonder how I got Megan Fox as my background behind my live is what you got to do. Update it to Windows Phone 8.1.

While a lot of people will complain about the lack of apps in Windows Phone, I find it to be the perfect phone for me at this point of time, given the update to Windows Phone 8.1

There are a lot of features but I'll leave it for another time. For this post, I'll show you what you got to do to get Windows Phone 8.1

You can update your Windows Phone 8.1 by going to settings>Phone Update. There will be a notification for you once the update is available for your phone and your country so that you can download it either via a Wi-Fi connection or cellular data connection.

Here are a few things for you to take note before downloading the update for Windows Phone 8.1.

1) Charge your phone. 

The update will not be downloaded if you do not have sufficient battery power for it.

2) Wi-Fi connection is on if you are worried about data usage.

If you are afraid about cellular data charges, ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is on. Use Wi-Fi and then manually update.


Well, I don't think there will be a problem for those using Nokia Lumia 920 and above but if you're using the lower spec phones, you should ensure that you have enough storage space for it. The good thing about Microsoft is that it automatic notify you if you do not have enough storage space. Microsoft will prompt you to go to Storage Sense to make space.

Once the download it complete, the phone will restart. Waits for the migration to your settings and then tap Done to finish the update.

I am currently happy using my Nokia Lumia 1520 running Windows Phone 8.1.

And if you are wondering how I update my background after's how: go to settings>Start+theme...then choose your background photo.

Happy updating your phone to the latest Windows Phone 8.1!!