Replace old habits with new habits

I have a bad habit that I find it very difficult to change. I bite my fingernails whenever I, whenever I take time to focus on a certain topics, reading certain books or at times, thinking while I blog, I would bite my fingernails. That's when I think...maybe I can REPLACE OLD HABITS WITH NEW HABITS.

Reading the book on "The Power of Habit" helps me to understand a few things. In order to replace old habits like biting finger nails with new ones, I need to find the cues that trigger it. From my observations over the last few days, each time I start to think or try to stay focus, I would bite my fingernails, peel it even though if it hurts. I read from the internet that people who chew tend to stay focus longer. I guess this could be the reason.

The "reward" feeling from biting the finger nails is of course the ability to stay focus on the subject and keep my mind thinking, going when I'm tired. From the reading of the book, I realize that the brain will be very difficult to function in another way once a habit is develop. The best possible way is to replace old habits with new ones.

I google and find out about the Wrigley's Extra Chewing gum.

I realized that instead of biting my fingernails, I could opt to chew the gum instead. Apparently, it's also good for the teeth. Hopefully, this will work. At least I'm trying.

Wrigley's EXTRA
Anyway, this is a start....I have just replace "biting my fingernails" to "chewing gum" as I blog on this.

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