Weekend @ Ipoh

Well, this weekend back Ipoh and hang out with my family again.

I went to get a Nike outfit for my workout as well.

I decided to try and get the Nike Pro Combat outfit.

Bought this for RM109.

In the morning, I also went to Nam Heong with my mom, brother and eldest sister.

The environment was quite good but it cost me RM30 for 4 people...

Anyway I also took a selfie with my mom.

Well, as for night time, we went for Starbucks after dinner.

I didn't wanna talk about my dinner but it's really not what I like. (had a Lamb chop at the Ipoh Parade food court).


  1. Thanks so much for coming by Luxury Haven! I'm amazed that you've 3 blogs! I can't even managed 1. Lol! Nice pix with your mom.

    I've added you to G+ & would love to have you follow me too. Have a wonderful week & hope to see more of you.

    1. Hey, added u as well.....thanks for the compliment on the photo! Keep in touch!!

  2. wow! great weekend with family...me going back Taiping to visit my parent 1st week September.

    1. It always feel great to be back home with family. Enjoy your trip back to Taiping in September also ya!


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