What to do on WEEKEND? Shopping!!

Well, in my previous post on "What to do on WEEKEND?", I mentioned about watching Stephen Chow's movie: Kungfu Hustle. I seriously believe weekend should b a time to chill, relax and get energized again. Otherwise, it's easy for us to burn out.

Why I choose Stephen Chow's movie? I believe comedy is always better for the brain to chill and relax than adventure, action, mystery, horror etc. Plus Stephen Chow's comedy is always going to be one that require no thinking from our part at all.

Anyway, what else did I do? I don't expect you to watch movie the whole day...honestly, it's not healthy.

So, what was next for today?


After lunch at Jusco, I decided to get a coat for myself...so I went to Padini, SubZero and then G2000 and that's where I found what I was looking for.

Check out the price tag

I got myself a coat from G2000 and a shirt. Both at 50% discount....got both for RM341. Kinda pricey but felt good to find something that I love.

Try it on at home and a snapshot!

Well, since I have to head back to KL, I have to pack my clothes a bit...

Check out the mess...

Clothes folded nicely

I also have to bring along the traditional clothes since will need it for one of the company's event.

Well, I guess that's all for the day.

Enjoy your weekend!! 

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