Sabah trip with colleagues [Day 2]

We rested early on the first day of Sabah trip after the bowling competition.

The next day was a day where we go to the water.

We took the boat at the jetty in the morning after our breakfast.

One snapshot at the jetty before kickstart our journey

Actually it was kinda challenging to take the photos below as the boat is rocking very hard. Nevertheless it was great to keep some memories of it.

Took this on the boat

Another snapshot

I love this! So happen next to Malaysia flag

I didn't know swimming but that did not stop me from going for snorkeling. 

Initially, it was quite difficult to breath with the equipment but I got used to it in a while. I also managed to move around in the water with the life jacket. 

Some of my colleagues were hanging onto this float. I didn't hang onto it for long but instead opted to move around and looked at the was quite a beautiful view.

We went for snorkeling for about an hour and rested on the platform after that while waiting for lunch.

Played some card game while waiting for lunch

After the break, we went for some water adventure....flying fish and banana boat. Some of my other colleagues went to Sapi Island while some others jet skiing. 

Great experience

After flying fish then it's the banana boat...

We spent the afternoon for all these before going back to the hotel to enjoy the facilities. It was a great way to relax and rest ourselves after a tiring afternoon although some of my colleagues continued their swimming in the hotel.

At night after our dinner, we went for a drinking session. It was fun and great to drink with these new bunch of colleagues I now call friends. 


  1. That's so fun! Bet you had a great time! Happy weekend!

  2. Hi Billy! .... Nice photos! So you are a champ bowler! Wow!
    That photo next to the flag reminds me of the one I took on the boat to Hashima Island ~ so similar!


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