GSC Cinema App for Windows Phone

Lumia 1520 is one of those great phones that you hold and be amazed at how Microsoft and Nokia come together to create such a great product with so little app support. 

Well, one of the complaints that I had against Lumia 1520 is the lack of cinema apps in Malaysia. The Android and iOS have the GSC app for such a long time, and there wasn't any....until now.

The GSC Cinema app is finally here with Windows Phone. 


It is definitely a great boost to all Windows Phones users....after all, despite the powerful camera and Office that helps in productivity, the lack of apps is really a nuisance especially when you want to do simple things like making a booking using your smartphone for a movie date.

First look at the app show us a pretty elegant and nice interface. 

I have read some review that the app helps you to enjoy the smoothness that hardly exist in Android apps. 

Anyway, I will blog about it after giving it a try.


  1. How amazing. Looks like a pretty neat phone. I cannot wait to hear more.

  2. Yup! I think it was may check the review here...


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