GSC Cinema App [Review]

In my previous post, I made it obvious that Windows Phone is playing catch up when it comes to app...after all, Apple Store and Google Play has the GSC Cinema App for a long time. 

Anyway, the wait is over and here's what I feel about the GSC Cinema app. Before I touch on some of the weak points on the app...

Here's what I like about it. 

1) A smooth experience

I have to say that the app is very responsive, largely thanks to how Windows Phone OS works. It is fast and smooth, and that makes navigation on the app a joy. There is no sign of lag and it's great because on Android, it may stuttered at times. Even though those stuttered did not affect the end result of the app, it still feel wonderful to go through the app on Windows Phone...

Simple visual on the app makes it looks interesting

2) A user friendly experience

The interface of the app is great. When I go into the app, I was brought to a screen on PROMOTIONS.

When I navigate the page to the right, I'll see the posters of the available movies where I can click in and view the details, or book the movie. Below it are three options...

The fast ticket on the left, the voice control in the middle and select movies on the right. Although I find the voice navigation's function to be pretty limited and more for cosmetic purpose, I'm looking forward to the app being integrated with Cortana.

3) Simple

I think the app was made to be simple...and it is. It does what it's intended to do. To help people buy ticket online, look at the movie details and some even with the trailer.

Here are the showtimes on LEFT BEHIND, which will begin screening on Thursday.

The process to buy ticket was's my attempt to buy a ticket in Signature.

I also view the trailer using the app. When I click on the trailer, it'll lead me to the YouTube page.


I think here is where Windows Phone are ahead of the rest....with the live tiles, you get to take a glance on your booking information on the Live Tiles, latest screenings on the Live Tiles. 


I think this is great, especially if you are currently watching some movies that you love and would love to use it as lock screen.

There is also the CINEMA Personalization feature that I have yet to try. Hopefully, it's as good as it sound.

And now, what I feel MORE COULD BE DONE...

1) Linkage with Cortana

I think that if Cortana could integrate deeply with these apps, then it'll be a powerful device. As for now, I'll still have to open the app before I could ask the GSC to book me a ticket using the voice recognition feature.

2) Movie list restart from top each time

I find this to be a bit annoying. When I was strolling down to look for movies and saw something that attracted me, I clicked onto it to view the details of the movie, say Annabelle. But if I don't like it and click back, the movie list will start from the top again each time. 

While this is not a big issue, I feel that the app should give a continuous feeling from where I stop.

[UPDATE (02/11/2014): There was an update on the app and this issue has been resolve. I feel great at how quickly the app is updated to give a continuous feeling in using this app. Love it!]

Well, I still think it's a good have lifestyle apps that are great and easy to use. Hopefully, we will see more of these apps on Windows Store.


  1. Hi Kian Hin,

    Your comment is read and new updated version will not require you to scroll movie list from top again. Please give a try on latest version.

    Thank you and have a good weekend.

    1. Hey whoever you are, thanks for the info. I love how quickly the update is being done to give a continuous feel in it. I have updated my post in regards to the GSC app update as well. Love it!!


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