Change of tyres

Last week just as I reached Ipoh from KL, my tyre punctured.

To a certain extend, I was lucky because I managed to reach Ipoh and at YenLeng's place. I left my car at her place while her dad sent me home that night. The next day, it was time to change the tyres. 

I brought it to a workshop and realized that it was time for a change. Besides the punctured tyre, the remaining 3 tyres were also in a state for a change.

Spoiled tyre
Anyway, I went to a workshop somewhere at Menglembu. It was quite far but the tyres were cheap.

Although the brand is a cheap brand but since I was on a budget, I'm perfectly okay with it....RM130 for one a change of 4 cost me about RM580 (with other charges as I have to change the chamber bolt as well)

I felt that the service was pretty good. 

After the mechanic fixed the tyres and went for a test drive, he told me that he suspected the wheel bearing need to be changed.

I felt it was quite spot on to the problem that I was facing all these while: when I drive, there's a noisy sound from behind, which was caused by this. After the change, voila! No more issues.

Well, it is probably time to learn more about the car parts and learned more about the maintenance of it. I knew I was talking about DIY before this and I think this should be something that I got myself hands on as well.

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  1. Oh dear, looks pretty bad! Glad you got it all sorted out........


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