DIY 2: Rotating container with Jacker Potatoes (in progress)

I saw that there is one empty Jacker's container that YenLeng and I had finished. Decided to give it a try. To make a rotating container.

Anyway, it wasn't really a success and I've yet to wrap the container or add the base but just thought of sharing this idea that I found. I found it creative and it's something new and fun to explore.

Empty chips container

Well, the first thing I did was to cut it into three, since I wanted it to have three different parts.

After that, I use the Starbucks straw that I got before.

Starbucks straw

I cut it to be the same size as the three parts of the container that I had cut earlier. Then I stick it on the container.

I connect the straw with a chopstick and the rotating container is done!!

Trial 1

There are still work to do. I have to wrap it and also need to stick a cardboard as the base. I'll also make sure that the straw connects to the container firmly so probably have to use a stronger glue.

Hope you like this idea as much as I did. Will update once I got time to complete this project.


  1. That looks like a good container for putting little odds & ends in :)


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