DIY 3: Connect light bulb to a 3 pin plug

I thought of buying a switch for this initially but I decided to put that thought on hold until I learn how to connect a light bulb to a plug.

Anyway, here was an attempt with the help of my girlfriend, YenLeng.

If you're thinking this is simple, you're right but I'm happy that I'm starting to do all create a light decoration, it would be much cheaper to get your own light bulb and connect it on your own...

Here's what I got for myself:

So, the first thing that I did was to connect the wire to the 3 pin plug. It wasn't that difficult but since I only got two wires (without the Earth). 

3 pin plug

I suggest you look through the diagram written on the 3 pin plug and be familiarize with it as well for safety reason.

Connection complete
After I have connect the wire with the 3 pin plug (I used the plier to cut the wire out so that the wire is neatly connected to the 3 pin plug).

Once that part is done, I proceed to connect the wire with the light holder. It's not difficult but there is a need to use a tape to wrap around the connection between the wires.

Finally, you'll just have to connect the 3 pin plug to one of the power, and woila:


(the moment I realize I truly deserve an A for my Kemahiran Hidup)


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