Why I feel Alibaba's Taobao is bad?

I'm not sure how many of you guys have shop online before but when I do, I expect a much more enjoyable experience than the conventional method. 

First of all, there is not a need to walk around to search for the right product. Everything is at your finger tip.

But when I try Alibaba's Taobao marketplace, I was very disappointed. Of course the main reason was because I couldn't read in Mandarin but when I consult my friends who are fluent in Mandarin, I realized that they too find it complicated and misleading. 

I visited the website on 11/11/2014, when there was huge and steep discount. 

I felt that some of the 50% discount stated were also not accurate. 

The interface is misleading, the website lag and it's difficult to navigate from one link to another. It only cater for Mandarin speaking people (even though I must said Google did a decent job in translation)

The only thing that could compensate it is the cheaper price that we can get. 


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