Mole removal surgery

Before I did this, I've heard a lot of people talking about some home remedies to do it. After consulting an advice from a friend of mine who's a doctor, I decided to go for surgery instead. 

This is important as I could also send the mole to test after the surgery. Better be safe than sorry. (The reason was because the mole grew bigger in about a year, which is not a good sign)

Anyway, I went to Sentosa Medical Centre to have the doctor check and make an appointment with the doctor to do a surgery to remove it last Tuesday. The appointment was set at yesterday, Friday. 

Here's how the mole looks like before removing...

It was a quick operation...some minor op but the doctor told me with the international standard being implemented in all these medical centers now, all of these minor operations will also be done in the Operation Theater (OT)...which is why the medical costs are so expensive nowadays. (anyway that's another story).

my appointment card..."KLINIK BEDAH"
While waiting for the operation, managed to take some photos of the surrounding.

Here's my tag....oops....u see my age there clearly...

while waiting at the day ward...

Didn't managed to take any photos of the OT though since I'm not allowed to bring my phone along....anyway, it was really a quick procedure...the doctor put some local anesthetic but I still feel a bit of pain.

It wasn't very painful but I felt the stinging pain throughout the whole process. While the operation lasted about 30 minutes, it felt like forever for me.

Anyway, once it was done, I was sent back to my ward to rest while waiting for the doctor to look at the dressing.

Since I have yet to take breakfast, I thought of going to the cafe to grab something but the food there was horrible. The nurse was kind enough to make Milo and gave me some biscuits.

Anyway, it was all over by noon and I will just have to wait to go back on Thursday for a follow up and check on the results of the test on the removed mole. Hopefully all things turn out to be good.

On another note, while some of the nurses are kind enough to provide assistance, I felt that most of the medical staff have an issue in greeting the patients with a smile. Most of them looked down, upset and angry...something that really need to work on. While I understand it's difficult to give a smiley face after working for long hours and going through immense pressure, perhaps it's also important to know that a friendly and helpful face goes a long way in making patients feel comfortable, thus reducing the stress level as well.


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