New Year Resolution 2: Learn to cook

New Year Resolution #2: Learn to Cook

One of the things that I have been working on towards end of last year was to learn to cook. This was in line with my New Year Resolution #1: Workout. Partly because I have to build body, I believe that taking care of my diet is also important. 

chicken meat


Anyway, I'm not the kind of person that stand at my mom's side to learn cooking because it's boring and difficult to wait for the right instead, I learn through Youtube. Honestly, with those videos giving pretty clear guidelines, it's quite easy to learn while you are doing it. 

In fact, I was cooking it while looking at the video. If I really do have some big question mark, I'll just give my mom a call.

my first meal: chicken, vege and egg

while the egg is in the process...

I didn't eat my meal with rice though as I felt that I need to cut down on my carbo intake. 

On 2nd of January 2015, I made noodle with some pork meat and vege together with my girlfriend, YenLeng. This was much easier though as my mom bought those pork meat that has already been cut into pieces.

The preparation for the dinner was pretty much easier...need to put some sauces and pepper onto the pork meat, cut some garlic and wash the vegetables. (all of these was done by YenLeng this time as I was in the gym).

preparation of the meal

Well, it was pretty much a good combination between the two of taste pretty good as well. Feels good and healthy with the outcome.