What we take away from Windows 10 event? [ Part 1]

I think there are a lot of hoo-hah over the Windows 10 event...whether it be a positive or a negative one.

The first thing that we can take away from Windows 10: The Next Chapter was this...."Microsoft is going to innovate"

It's a scary thing to talk about because for years, it has been Google and Apple...Microsoft seems like a company that produce a product that we have to buy it because we need it though we hate it....and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella set what he called a "bold goal" at the Windows 10 launch event Wednesday: "We want to move from people needing Windows to choosing Windows to loving Windows."

And did Microsoft just do that? If you google Microsoft and look at news, you'll probably find a lot of reviews and articles with this hint that Microsoft has just become cool....so how did the Windows 10 event change that?

Here are what we take away from Windows 10 event.

WINDOWS 10 FREE UPGRADE for Windows 7 and Windows 8

Windows 10 free upgrade

Windows 10 is coming, and it'll be FREE upgrade for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users....that's a good news and a good strategy....with more users adopting the latest upcoming Windows 10, this will be good news for Microsoft who is looking to align its' ecosystem. With the failure of Windows 8, Microsoft is looking to avoid another such failure....the free upgrade will encourage people to switch to Windows 10. Microsoft is also treating Windows 10 to be more of a service than a product (a similar approach by Apple). In fact, Microsoft assured the press on the event that they are committed to keep updating more features to Windows 10, at no cost for the supported lifetime of the device.


It's not really a news....because most people are expecting that to happen...and it did! Cortana is officially on PC and made the jump from Windows Phone.

CORTANA, will get her own place next to the famous Start button in the desktop taskbar can perform many of the same tricks that she did on Windows Phone. The digital assistant is still based on the cloud-based Bing brains. Cortana has also been tweaked to be more functional on the PC....She can scour your local machine, OneDrive account, and even your business network to find files based on natural language queries. On the event, Belfiore showed off the capabilities by asking Cortana to “Find PowerPoint slides about the charity auction” and “Show me photos from December.” and woila, it works like charm! 

WINDOWS 10 is also on Windows Phone

Windows 10 will also be running on Windows Phone. Microsoft is projecting the Windows Phone as an extension to the PC. 

Universal apps for REAL?

We have heard about the universal apps but just how real is that? Well, Microsoft demoed that on the universal Windows app. 

Belfiore showcased a rebuilt version of Outlook designed for PCs, tablets, and phones alike as a universal Windows app. Strongly resembling the Mail app in Windows 8—at least aesthetically—the universal Outlook map will sport a unified look across device types, packing touch-friendly commands such as swiping left on a message to remove it, or swiping right to flag it for later follow up.

Since many of Microsoft’s apps—including Outlook—have their heads in the cloud, changes you make to a universal app on one device will be immediately reflected on other devices, as Belfiore demoed by actively editing Calendar app entries simultaneously on a PC and a phone.

The same is shown on the OneDrive, Office etc.

Another cool feature on it is the Photos app. will create albums from all your devices, intelligently removing duplicates and burst photos. A revamped universal People app will collate your contacts, while the Music app is also receiving a universal overhaul. Microsoft will add support for you to put your music collection in OneDrive within the next month or two, so you can listen to your tunes anywhere. 

Maps will also be receiving Cortana integration, and she'll be able to remember where you parked your car.

Microsoft is showing how good the universal apps will be on PC, tablets and phones alike and according to Microsoft, all it requires is a bit of tweaking here and there...write once for all different devices for Microsoft. It's a great victory with this demonstration and it's obvious Microsoft is leveraging their strength on PC segment to reach out to the mobile world. Just how easy will it be is something that the developers will be telling you but one thing for sure: Microsoft is getting the attention now. The Developer Build 2015 conference was sold out in less than an hour.

A NEW WEB BROWSER on Windows 10?

There has been a rumour before the event...that Microsoft is coming up with one of the most advance web browser, ready to take on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox....but hearing it's from Microsoft reminds me of IE that sits idly on my PC. But the event showed just how cool the new browser will probably look like...codenamed PROJECT SPARTAN.

Project Spartan web browser

A new, clean-looking, lightweight browser built around a new rendering engine.

There are basically 3 parts that make Spartan looks great:

1) You can annotate, write notes, scribble on the browser....There’s also a clipping tool so you can save portions of websites directly to OneNote.

2) Reading Mode. You can also save it and read it offline.

3) Cortana is integrated into Spartan

Well, that's part 1 from the Windows 10 event....definitely a great work by Microsoft and part 2 is going to be as interesting as the first phase, if not better....

Part 2: Xbox App, Surface Hub and how Microsoft brings hologram to the present

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