Chillout at Pavilion KL

It's the weekend and we all need break. I have a lot recently, especially after the mole surgery the other day.

Anyway, yesterday I went to Pavilion KL with YenLeng and it was a great feeling. The atmosphere is great and just the Chinese New Year celebration is definitely around the corner. The decoration was beautiful and I love the Goat Year. Haha!! May the Goat Year be a great one for me and my loved ones. 

Here are some of the photos taken.

the giant golden goat at Pavilion

flowers and reddish deco everywhere

some beautiful deco on the ceiling

the entrance looks pretty grand

There was also a big crowd there as well, mostly taking photos while some others are buying some Chinese New Year decorations.

Anyway after a while, Yenleng and I head to the CoffeeBean and enjoyed our coffee there. It was a beautiful atmosphere....I even managed to get a nice view of the goat and took a beautiful photo there.

Well, a simple and relaxing Saturday night. Just what I need. 

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