FIFA 15: UT [Review]

I just installed FIFA 15: UT on my Lumia 1520. FIFA 15: Ultimate Team is a great gaming app with very beautiful graphic and gaming experience. As a football fan, it's a great experience and credit must be given to both Microsoft and Electronic Arts for their efforts. 

FIFA 15 UT on Windows Store


The FIFA 15: UT has some really great UI for selection as well. It shows how much effort and time must have been in place so that the touch experience works like charm while selecting a team, options, settings etc on the game. It's easy to know where you're going and how you could make your selection.

When you go into the app, there is a loading page with the FIFA logo, just like how you'll see it when you play FIFA on your PC, Xbox, Playstation etc. 

After that, there is a selection to choose, which country you want to go to...the country of your selection for your ultimate team.

I selected the England country and my team was filled with some players that I have not known of. It's due to me being new and that I do not have much money to splash on the transfer market. I could of course purchase some other package as well but I don't think I'm ready to pay for the game yet.


The gaming experience is an awesome one. With my team ready, I got started with some friendly games, against Manchester City, Chelsea, Barcelona, Bayern Munich etc....of course since I'm playing the Beginning level, I beat them hands down.

The control was on the works pretty good on the big Lumia 1520 screen but I suspect that it'll be a bit cramp for a comfortable gaming experience with smaller devices. Anyway, I always believe that for a great gaming experience, there is a need for a certain minimum size requirement and I think Lumia 1520 has a screen that's just nice. It feels comfortable on my hand and the control was easy and comes naturally. The movement was fluid and responsive. 

I love how FIFA made an effort to give simple tips and guide such as pop up just at the right time for me to learn...and the learning curve is the corner that I took here. 

There are also celebration after the goals. Of course, it's not as realistic as what one would find on the PC, Xbox etc but it looks pretty decent. Still, improvement is expected but I believe the graphic limitation has more to do with the mobile devices limitation. It will be difficult for developers to create games with HD features and graphics if it'll suck the battery of the mobile devices too quickly. 

I love how FIFA 15: UT offers some Achievements, unlock some new stuff...things like this that make gaming interesting. 

There is also a feature for sharing the replay on your social media such as Facebook. I did that when I scored the first goal playing FIFA 15: UT. 

Here's the snapshot of the video that I shared on my Facebook
Initially, when I played, there wasn't any commentary available but after winning 3 games, I was given the option to download the commentary of my choice. 

Playing the game with the commentary was much gives a realistic feeling of the Beautiful Game but I must said, the mobile gaming experience is still a long way in comparison to the ones we are playing on PC or Xbox. It has to do with this being a free version as well I suspect...but overall, the gaming experience was a good one.


There were occasional crash but I realized this has more to do with the available Ram on your mobile devices than the app being a buggy one. One thing you could do if you're using Windows Phone is to close some of the apps that run on the background as Windows Phone OS automatically limit it to 30...if you have about 30 apps running on the background, there is a higher chance of crash while playing the game.

Besides that, I think another issue that probably happen to other users who are playing this game in Windows Phone, Apple iOS or Android is this: that the device tend to become very hot while playing FIFA 15: UT. I suspect the graphic hardware of the mobile devices aren't truly prepared for such advance gaming experience...

Nevertheless, on an overall experience, FIFA 15: UT is a great game for football fans. The beautiful game going mobile is definitely a great experience.