Microsoft next step: Battling Google in its backyard

Nadella is definitely changing Microsoft idea of winning the mobile battle. 

Under Steve Ballmer, Microsoft was never willing to do anything to benefit its' competitors especially Apple and Google but the new man in charge has a new direction. 

You may read of some of the highlights of Nadella's first year as CEO here.

The big thing was the Office for iPad.

There was also the big news on the partnership of Microsoft and Dropbox, where Microsoft actually allow her competitor in cloud storage, Dropbox to be integrated into Office.

The Office for iOS and Android users for free...

And the Microsoft next step: Battling Google in its' backyard. Microsoft is looking to Android tablet and smartphone makers to bundle the software on machines.

A deal with Samsung: with OneDrive, OneNote, and Skype bundled into its latest Galaxy S6 smartphone....on an Android phone. There weren't any mention of the Office being bundled together but it's expected so in the near future. 

Sony may be one of the first to bundle Office on its latest Android tablet, the Xperia Z4. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint appeared on the Xperia Z4 during press briefings, but were suspiciously absent on units at Sony's Mobile World Congress both. A sony spokesperson at the booth told The Verge that a deal to bundle Microsoft's Office Android apps is tentative pending continued discussions between the two companies. (source: from the verge)