Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

I have always had that special thing for beverage since I was young....

Cola and all the soft drinks, then coffee, then alcohol and wine, and now, tea.

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Anyway, I've been drinking the Earl Grey Tea that I bought. It's the Gryphon Earl Grey Lavender tea and it taste great and help me to relax and chill.

Earl Grey Lavender tea
If you are not a tea lover, perhaps it's time to try some.

This one will be a great one to try. 

Here are some of the benefits of drinking earl grey tea:

1) Increase immune function

I don't really believe this until I read an article on the benefits of drinking tea. Earl Grey tea can be effective in boosting immune system function because of the high content of bergamot. Bergamot is a small citrus fruit that contains substantial amounts of antioxidants, which target and destroy the free radicals that cause harmful effects to the body. These antioxidants can reduce fevers, fight infection and aid in the treatment and management of other acute and chronic health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease.

2) Makes you feel good

The feel good factor is an important part of our lives and earl grey tea helps you to feel good as bergamot is effective in reducing stress, easing anxiety and alleviating mild to moderate cases of depression. If you're feeling stress and tense up because of work and exam, taking a cup of hot earl grey tea could be helpful. For those of you who have mood swings, the earl grey tea can serve as a mood stabilizer.

3) Improved DIGESTION

A lot of people know bout this, that different teas help to improve digestion but most people don't realize that one of the most effective ones, is indeed the earl grey tea. Earl Grey tea can alleviate constipation and nausea and may reduce symptoms of acid reflux disease. Its mild flavor and natural origins mean that caretakers can give it to babies who suffer from colic and other digestive disorders.

4) Clean your teeth

Most of the drinks that I love are bad for my teeth but earl grey tea is definitely not one of them. In fact, it provides a natural source of fluoride, which prevents tooth decay and can reduce the risk of painful cavities. Earl Grey tea also contains high amounts of catechin -- a natural antibiotic that can fight oral infections and ward off the early stages of gingivitis.