Rancangan Malaysia ke-11

Rancangan Malaysia ke-11, the last hurdle and last phase of plans that's supposed to help Malaysia reach the developed nation status...our Vision 2020.

The 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) 2016-2020, which is to be tabled by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in Parliament today, is expected to outline the final road map for the current government to steer the country towards achieving Vision 2020.

For the update, you may actually find it live by subscribing via Najib's website: http://www.najibrazak.com.

Apparently, the 11th Malaysia Plan or Rancangan Malaysia ke-11 will focus on the bottom 40% of Malaysians...especially when the economy is not doing too well, with the GST implementation as well as the drop in the commodity prices.

The government is expected to increase its allocation for development expenditure considering that it is the last plan before Vision 2020 is realised.

So, what you think? Will the 11th Malaysian Plan help to drive our nation towards the developed nation status?

I understand that things have not been so optimistic lately, especially with all the news and apparent misused of funds related to 1MDB. Let's hope for some real change in the 11th Malaysian Plan.

11.30am is 10 minutes away. I'm all set. 

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