Fitbit Flex [1st week]

One of the things that I love a lot about having the Fitbit Flex is the ability to track my steps and keep a database of it. You may read about my review on the device here: Fitbit Flex

It helps me to review and look at how is my daily activities. Am I lazying too much? Am I just sitting around and looking at the PC or laptop or my smartphone?

I'm definitely guilty of this. 

But the Fitbit Flex data help me to realize myself better.

Here is how my first week wearing it looks like:

Fitbit Dashboard

I only manage to hit the 10,000 steps on one of the days.

Definitely a lot of room for improvement. 

The day that I managed the 10,000 steps was the day that I had a 15 minutes run in the gym. Most of the other days, I would go for a short run in the gym. Even with this, I'm not able to meet the 10k steps a day goal. Perhaps more is required. Hopefully, this will create an awareness for others who are in the office job as well. 


  1. Neat. This looks like an amazing gadget.

    1. Ya been using it. but the thing I dislike about the activity tracker is the need to charge it on a weekly basis. And when you miss one day (because it run out of batter), it sort of ruin your weekly record.

  2. Totally cool! My hubby uses his LG hp to track his :)

    1. I think a lot of smartphones are capable to do that as well nowadays. But I think Fitbit is one of those that are the most effective and reliable.

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